Create Joy at Every Dark Corner

Prevent hurting yourself at night and also bring joy to the look and feel of a room with the wireless and automated corner projection lamp.


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Bring life and safety to every corner of your house

Kids and adults will feel safer at night knowing that when they move in the dark, a wonderful display of light would automatically appear that would guide them away from danger.


Entertaining for Children


Conversation Piece for Adults


Brings Life to The House


Stirs Positive Emotions in Everyone

Easy Installation

Wireless installation in under 5 minutes. Battery indicator displays blue for full power and white for charging.

USB Charging

Fast USB charging port: 4 hours of charging equals 300 days in standby mode or 30 days in sensor mode.

Motion sensor

Detects movement in the dark at a 120° wide angle.

Smart Sensor Mode

Detects movement and turns on for 30 seconds.

Easy Installation

Takes under 5 minutes.


Remove and recharge with ease

USB Charge

Fast USB charging capability.

We guarantee good quality.

Durable Acrylic Guard

Long life battery with 1-year technical guarantee

Wireless and safe

We are proud to present products that are safe and durable. Each product undergoes testing before being sent off to a customer. In addition, the battery comes with a 1-year technical warranty and the acrylic guard is backed by a lifetime guarantee for natural dysfunction.

The best choice for you or your children!

Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp
Motion-Activated Corner Lamp

Motion-Activated Corner Lamp

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Customers happy with our product

Great for midnight bathroom runs

I don’t like switching on lights at night when I wake up and have to go to the bathroom. The lights hurt my eyes and then I am wide awake afterward and I struggle to fall asleep again. This product does not have the same effect, but it allows me to find my way to the bathroom and back safely.

Samantha E. - 07/2021

More than a lamp

The plan was to use the lamp to protect us at night from a nasty dark corner, but when my daughter saw it, she annexed it lol. She uses it as her own little fantasy palace and plays with her toys in front of it. It is perfect for her because it is wireless, and the manual switch allows her to play for hours in peace and quiet. We will definitely get another one for the corner soon.

Susan M. - 05/2021

Creates a nice mood

I don’t know what it is, or why it is, but when the light goes on when I walk to the bathroom at night and I see that cute palace appear on the wall, I can’t help but to smile. Not to mention the fact that I know where I am going during the night now instead of bumping against stuff.

Taryn M. - 08/2020

Everyone in our house loves it.. EVERYONE!

We love Xmas and the energy it brings to our household when we have all the decorations out. Sadly, you can’t keep Xmas decorations up all year, so we started playing with different ideas. I bought this corner lamp to bring some life to our dead wall and everybody loved it. Zoey, our lab dog is fixated with it too and the kids enjoy watching her play with it. This lamp restored some of that missing Xmas energy. Thanks!

Erika S. - 12/2020

No more bruises

I always knocked myself silly on the corner leading from my bedroom to my bathroom. I was looking for something that could protect the corner but instead found this. It really helped a lot, and I don’t have bruises anymore. Clumsy me.

Margot B. - 03/2021

Looooving iiit..

Found this by accident and thought it would be a good idea to cover up a chip in my wall. Loved it and so did my kids. They love the palace display, and they created their own little games around it.

Kim G. - 01/2021

Very happy about light

I buy light for my child but was so happy that I buy one for my room too later. Maravillosa! It is nice to have pretty picture of light on wall. It is easy to put on wall and you need not to connect to house energy. I can tell you must buy it.

Eliseo V. - 06/2021

Happy about my purchase

I like the castle fantasy display and my children loved it even more. I was surprised how long the battery lasted (over a month) and charging it was quick and easy too. I could definitely recommend this to someone that wants that little cheerful something extra in their house.

Cynthia B. - 04/2021

Good Quality

The product installs and assembles with ease, I didn’t even use the manual. The battery lasts for quite a while before charging it but it is very easy to remove and charge it too. So far, I have no complaints at all.

Patricia W. - 10/2020

Smiling all the way

I love having little trinkets and gadgets around the house and decided to give this product a chance. I really love how it stirs nostalgia in me and reminds me of the happy times when I was a kid. The soft light also helps bring a calming ambiance to the area.

Claudia N. - 11/2020

We absolutely love this lamp.

Both my husband and I are retired, and the kids no longer live with us and we know much about fancy electronics but when I saw it, I loved it. It is so unique, and both my husband and I love the cute display. We were afraid that we will struggle to install it because we know little about electronics but it was so easy and it was up on the wall in no time. The battery lasts very long too and charging is fast. We are very happy about our purchase.

Sophie M. - 05/2021

How to Install

Easy installation in under 5 minutes

Quick and easy installation with no hazardous wiring and dangerous electronic connections to your house. You don’t need power tools or a degree in engineering to install this product. All you need is the free glue that comes included in the package and follow the quick steps in the instruction guide.

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Frequently asked question

What does the warranty cover?

The battery comes with a 1-year technical warranty. If the battery has natural defects that were not caused by human interference, we would gladly replace the unit within the year free of charge. The acrylic guard is backed by a lifetime guarantee for natural dysfunction except for discoloration and accidental or deliberate human interference.

How soon can I expect my order?

You can expect your order usually within 2-3 working days for orders placed within Germany, 3-7 working days for those placed within the EU, Switzerland, and Norway. Orders within the US will usually be delivered within 7-14 working days after receiving your order confirmation. Deliveries to all other territories, especially overseas destinations, will take at least 3-6 weeks at the moment due to very limited transport capacities. Please note that we don’t ship on weekends and public holidays. Deliveries are usually not made on Sundays and other public holidays. We will try to inform you of any unexpected delays.

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order is ready to be shipped out we will send you a shipment confirmation email with the delivery information and a link to track your order online. Please note, that it can take some days before the tracking information is uploaded. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please email us at